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Welcome to the Nanoscale Mechanics and Materials Lab at UC Irvine

We are a research group working at the interface of mechanical engineering, materials science, and physics. Our work focuses on uncovering new structure-property relationships in advanced nanomaterials for next-generation structural, electronic, and energy components, as well as increasing the reliability and lifetime of these materials. To achieve these goals, we use a combination of cutting-edge experimental, characterization, and computational techniques.

Current areas of interest include nanocrystalline metals and alloys, thin film materials, and the study of interfaces at the atomic level. Click the images below or see our Research page for more information.


***ATTENTION: The NMML is currently accepting applications for two postdoctoral scholar positions, both focused on experimental materials science. The full call for applications is available here: PDF




The video below shows grain boundary-dislocation interactions simulated with molecular dynamics. After multiple dislocation absorption events, a crack is nucleated and then grows.



The image below is a high resolution transmission electron microscopy micrograph, showing the (111) close packed plane in Cu. Columns of atoms appear as white dots in the images.


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